We have been hearing about Microsoft’s alleged plans to launch an iPad app for its Office suite for quite some time, especially after The Daily featured a supposed shot of it running on an iPad just a few months ago. Microsoft denied that it was a real screenshot; however, The Daily stood its ground and claimed the app was demoed to them by a Microsoft employee. Interestingly, at the same time, Microsoft would neither confirm nor deny plans to launch the app.

Bringing back the rumor today, Jonathan Geller of BGR published a report, quoting “a reliable source,” that claims Microsoft Office for iOS will launch in November. He also said that it will be available on both iPhone and iPad, rather than iPad-centric like once believed. The report does not provide any more information, but here is how The Daily originally described the app a few months ago:

The app’s user interface is similar to the current OneNote app, but it has hints of Metro, the new design language that can be seen in Windows Phone and in the as-yet-released Windows 8 desktop operating system. Word, Excel and PowerPoint files can be created and edited locally and online.

Consequently, Microsoft Office Live could also get a new complete overhaul to match its recent design changes. Check out another shot after the break:

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