Voice is Apple’s next important field of computer-input, and Siri on the iPhone 4S and voice-dictation on the third-generation iPad makes this clear. Siri, in its current implementation, seems perfect for mobile devices like the iPhone 4S, but many of its features don’t make sense on larger screens such as those found on tablets and computers. However, Apple has brought a component of Siri called Dictation to the iPad, and the company appears to be planning on bringing this Dictation feature to Macs as well.

Dictation offers an easy way for users to speak text to their devices versus typing it in with a physical or virtual keyboard. On the iPhone 4S and third-generation iPad, users tap a stationary microphone key on the virtual keyboard. According to a resources file inside of the latest build of Safari in the newest seed of the upcoming OS X Mountain Lion, Dictation might be making its way to Macs next. Since Macs do not sport virtual keyboards or physical keyboards with a microphone-labled key, users (by default) will apparently need to simultaneously click both command keys to start voice input.

We are yet to find any other Dictation references in OS X Mountain Lion betas, so we’re keeping Dictation in OS X Mountain Lion as unconfirmed until Apple officially announces it. The apparently forthcoming feature is not functional in the current beta. With voice features being exclusive to certain devices in Apple’s iOS Device portfolio, perhaps Dictation is tied directly to certain Macs. Maybe the new MacBook Pros with Retina Displays, faster processors, thinner form-factors, and USB 3 connectivity. (iPad Dictation Image: CNET)

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