Apple just released a new Security Update for the Mountain Lion Developer Preview that introduces a few new security features. Macs running OS 10.8 will now automatically check for security updates daily to be better protected against rising malware threats. It will also have the ability to install such updates automatically, or when the user next restarts their computer. The update even creates a more secure connection to Apple’s servers for more security.

The update is available now in the App Store for all computers running Developer Preview 4. It weighs a whopping 1.16 GB.

Update: Apple just sent an email to developers, which you can see after the break, referring to this security update as a new update to Developer Preview 4. The update includes a new OS X build number of 12A256 (the previous version being 12A248). This small change between the two builds indicates that Apple is coming closer to a finished product. If you spot any other changes, be sure to let us know at

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