LunaTik, the creators of the famously well-funded TikTok iPod nano watch band, have launched a pair of well-designed and well-functioning styluses, optimized for iOS devices.

We’ve been using the LunaTik Stylus and the performance of the stylus is very precise. Our tests were conducted by playing around the iPad operating system, but the true results come via an app like Paper.

This precise stylus also doubles a real ink pen, making it versatile. The pen, itself, works like your standard ink pen. It’s nothing too special alone, but the cool part is that it’s not only your physical paper pen, but your virtual paper pen.

The creators of the stylus explain the technology and history behind the product on their Kickstarter page.

LunaTik’s stylus comes in both an alloy configuration ($39.95) and a polymer version ($19.95). The alloy comes in a silvery color and the polymer comes in several colors.

See our full image gallery below:

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