As OS X Mountain Lion’s launch nears, Apple has informed developers to start submitting their optimized Mac App Store software for review. OS X Mountain Lion launches later this month with 200 new features.

Make sure your apps take advantage of the great new features in OS X Mountain Lion when the world’s most advanced operating system ships to millions of customers worldwide. Download OS X Mountain Lion GM seed and Xcode 4.4 GM seed, now available on the Mac Dev Center. Build your apps with these latest seeds, then test and submit for review. You can also submit iOS apps that take advantage of the new cross-platform Game Center Groups, so they’ll be available when OS X Mountain Lion ships.

A complete, “Golden Master” version of OS X Mountain Lion was released to developers earlier today, and this is the build that we expect Apple to provide customers with this month. The update will cost $19.99 for Snow Leopard and Lion users, and it will be available via the Mac App Store.

OS X Mountain Lion includes several new features that developers can take advantage of such as iCloud integration, Notification Center, Gatekeeper, and Game Center.

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