Earlier today, Apple released its fourth beta of iOS 6 beta 4. The biggest change of note, which we broke the news on earlier, is the lack of a YouTube player in the new build. YouTube is a Google-built product, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to believe that Apple removed the app, just like they dropped Google Maps in favor of their own 3D mapping database. While that’s the biggest thing of note, there are some other new features and enhancements. Find those all after the break.

-Upon login for the first time, users are asked to input their iCloud credentials.

– Improved privacy settings, including for Bluetooth sharing:

– The Passbook application now has a button that links to the App Store. Presumably, Apple will have a new iOS 6 section that features apps that are powered by Passbook.

– The Shared Calendar alerts toggle has been relocated to the bottom of the Mail, Contacts, and Calendar settings:

-Maps: We’re also hearing from many users of iOS 6 beta 4 that the Apple Maps experience has been improved. People are seeing improved mapping data (especially in the satellite view), improved performance. Others are reporting improved font rendering as well. Another new tidbit in the updated Maps app is a the noting of one-way streets. Notice the blue arrows. More address numbers have been added as well. All of these changes seem to be expanding in where they are present. Some of these things may have been present in other territories already.

-Siri now shows an updated information menu that includes the new iOS 6 Siri capabilities:

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