The Apple vs. Samsung trial taking place in a San Jose, Calif., courtroom over the past few weeks is finally ending with both companies making their closing statements to jurors this afternoon. Apple was first-up as it described Samsung’s alleged act of “slavishly copying” the iPhone when it was introduced in 2007 to do damage control, as well as its effort to continue copying even more products over the years. Apple’s Harold McElhinny presented the company’s final arguments. He claimed Samsung’s devices did not look similar to any of Apple’s until the iPhone’s 2007 launch. From then on, the Apple lawyer said the similarities were obvious. He pointed to the Best Buy survey where customers got the Galaxy Tab confused with the iPad. He closed by also telling the jury to look at the evidence where Samsung executives expressed means of copying, and he said to think about Samsung’s meeting with Google when Samsung was warned that it was copying Apple.

AllThingsD reported the Apple lawyer presented four scenarios where Samsung could owe Apple damages from $2.481 billion to a smaller $519 million in damages. McElhinny said “Samsung was the iPhone’s biggest fan.”

Samsung just started its closing arguments. It is not only defending itself against Apple’s copying accusations, but it is also making a case that Apple ripped Samsung patents. The update is below: 

After Samsung’s closing comments, Apple was back up for its rebuttal to make some strong statements. Apple continued to claim that Samsung stole its design and “didn’t play by the rules.” Apple further stated that Samsung should not just be given a slap on the wrist, because it will not change operations.

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