Chipworks took apart the iPhone 5, just like last year, and it is looking at parts with an infrared camera. The chip analysts were able to lift suppliers’ names off both the front and back cameras. Also, just like last year, Sony makes the back 8-megapixel camera. The findings:

Unlike the prior generation iPhone 4S that had an IMX145, infra-red imaging did not show the same die markings. Only a lonely little “SONY”.  When we measured the pixel, we did find it to be 1.4 µm, similar to the IMX145 and we know that the published specifications are also similar. Further analysis will determine the unique features of this sensor.

OmniVision, a long time supplier of sensors for iOS devices, makes the iSightHD (1.9-megapixel) front camera:

As noted by Chipworks, Apple’s ability to fit these sensors into an even thinner phone is likely due to the “thin touch screen with fewer layers, a thin battery, and the use of thin camera modules using the latest technology.”

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