According to CNET, Apple has acquired HTML 5/web-app design firm Particle for an undisclosed amount. Particle has had big-name clients, such as Google, Sony, Motorola, and even Apple, over the years. The acquisition is said to be for the sole purpose of acquiring talent —or an “acqui-hire,” as one might call it—to boost Apple’s current services. CNET provided the specifics:

The deal went through late last month, though not all its less than a dozen employees stayed on to work at Apple. Those who did are listed as “creative technologists” as well as one “user interface engineer,” according to their public LinkedIn profiles.

Here is the firm’s website talking about past work for Apple:

Particle brings positive and energetic relationships with Google and the Chrome team specifically, as well as great Apple relationships and execution experience around iAds, iTunes Extras, and We have participated in and piloted much of the technology which will display the next generation of advertising and deliver media content for the next decade.

The iCloud web-interface is one area where the Particle team might focus in particular.

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