We’ll be watching the event live, just like all of you (hopefully) and we’ll break down the announcements as they come in right here (hit refresh). We’re hoping to have a lively discussion in the forums on the announcements. Head down South for all of the fun (LIVE!)

2: That’s it. We post the video when it goes up

1:52: iPad Mini Let’s see if our prices are right. We’re liking the screen comparison. Yep $329.

1:50 iPAd 4th Gen. Wow. A6X. More LTEs. Glad I bout an old device 6 months ago.

1:45 heading into Education. 2500 schools have iBooks Author produced Textbooks. Let’s just give up the iPad mini, shall we?

1:45: iPad time with Cook: 100 Million iPads. Preaching to the Choir. 16 million iPads in 4Q12

1:40 Fusion drive sounds great. Hope they work better than Seagate’s fusion drive which sucks.

1:30 Minis as predicted. And yes super thin iMac.Friction Stir Welding is the new key word of the day. iMacs not retina.  So there is that.

1:25 $1699. We were right, shipping today.

1:17 Phil announces new 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina. Big question is $1600 or $1700. You guys already know the rest.

1:15: Mac! #1 in US laptops and desktops (not sure which measure-  probably awesomeness measurements)

1:14 – No LLCoolJ to demo new Tap feature in new iBooks 3?

1:15 today is the anniversary of the original ipod annoucement. Numbers FTW!: 125 mill docs in cloud 300 billion iMessages sent 28k per second 160 mill game center accounts 275K ipad apps 35b apps downloaded

1:10 200 million devices running iOS 6.  To compare, there are 200 devices running Android Jellybean (Except KEy Lime Pie is out now).

1:07 – Recapping iPods too. Quoting the Verge. Of course it is the best ipod nano ever. Except the one with a camera.

1:05: Stores video. I think that’s a U2 track – so no hard feelings there. I think I saw a #FireBrowett sign in the video too.

1PM: Go time Music Stops, Tim Cook out. New casual outfit. Keep forgetting normals change clothes. Recapping iPhone

2 minutes to go. Live feed is on. Panning around stage. Certainly more impressive than Yerba Buena

10 minutes to go. Feel sorry for those journalists crowded in the theater. I’m cooking up some popcorn in my PJs. (Just kidding, I’m doing this from the CNBC green room)

Engadget’s Tim Stevens sees a Black cloth covering a display. We’d caution it is probably nothing:

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