We told you yesterday that Apple is planning to bring Siri integration to early builds of OS X 10.9, but today a-n-v.be points us to a recent Apple job listing that indicated Apple is working to bring Siri to a handful of new languages. The job listing, originally posted to Apple’s website on Nov. 13, offers a 6-month internship to candidates native or fluent in several languages, some of which Apple does not currently offer support for in Siri. The new languages on the job list include: Arabic, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, and Danish.

The listing also specifically noted the position is on “team responsible for delivering Siri in different parts of the world”:

Join the team responsible for delivering Siri in different parts of the world for an exciting 6 month internship in Cupertino, California.

Currently, Siri is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Italian throughout various parts of the world. In addition to the new languages, Apple’s job listing also looks for those fluent in Korean, Chinese, and French, which could bring dialects of those languages to new regions. Apple’s official list of currently supported languages and availability by country for Siri is below:

The best 4K & 5K displays for Mac

      • United States (English, Spanish)
      • United Kingdom (English)
      • Australia (English)
      • France (French)
      • Germany (German)
      • Japan (Japanese)
      • Canada (English, Canadian French)
      • China (Mandarin)
      • Hong Kong (Cantonese)
      • Italy (Italian)
      • Korea (Korean)
      • Mexico (Spanish)
      • Spain (Spanish)
      • Switzerland (Italian, French, German)
      • Taiwan (Mandarin)

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