I’ve seen these little devices that shoot out a virtual keyboard a few times before, but this was the first time that I’ve ever used one first hand. Celluon’s Magic Cube attaches to your iOS device via Bluetooth and shoots out a red virtual keyboard on a fairly flat surface (Note: Our camera didn’t pick up the red keyboard very well, but the video below shows how it really looked). Then it tracks your fingers as they move across the virtual keyboard and inputs to your iOS device the virtual keys as you ‘press them’

But, how does it really work? Can you use this as a keyboard for your iPhone?

For me, it was immediately accurate. As you can see in the video above—it just worked. I only mistyped one character out of about 100 words typed and felt like I could really get used to this type of system.  That’s something I never thought possible before this initial try.

We also had a few seconds to try an iPhone case version of the cube and a new smaller version of the cube that are due to hit stores in the coming months. Both worked great, just like the original. More at Celluon or pick one up for $118 at Amazon (4/5 stars).

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