Amid a flurry of CES 2013 product announcements this week, iPhone5Mod decided to join the crowd and launch a Translucent Mod Kit for iPhone 5.

The $39.90 kit comes in one of seven colors and includes the nine parts needed to transform the iPhone 5 into a translucent smartphone on the rear and sides, with even the SIM card slot, mute switch button, power button, and Lightning port slot made transparent too, but it does not change the front of the device.

iPhone5Mod said the entire setup is “scratch-proof and anti-fingerprint with highly visible see-through panels which made everything inside the powerful Apple iPhone 5 visible from the outside.”

Customers can further purchase every color variation of detachable top and bottom panels in a bundle for $169, but those who order in the first 48 hours will get them all as part of the basic $40 kit. After the promotion ends, folks will need to buy each color separately or as a bundle.

China-based iPhone5Mod offers many unique iOS accessories and some of the first Lightning docks to hit the market. Just last week, it announced a $50 hybrid controller/keyboard, dubbed “the lightest and thinnest keyboard for iPhone ever-made,” that attaches to an iPhone 5.

Watch the promo video above for more details on the new Translucent Mod Kit.

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