CNET looked at some of the recent talks between Apple and the record labels recording Apple’s plans for a streaming, radio-like service. According to the report, Apple is working to strike deals with both the Warner and Universal Music groups within the week. Sony would still be one of the major holdouts.

Apple could sign deals with both Warner Music and Universal Music Group within the next week, according to the sources. But both people caution that the deals have not yet been made and could still fall apart. In addition, Apple still needs to get Sony Music Group on board, as well as the music publishers. Even so, Apple has told the labels it’s determined to get all its deals signed in time for a summer rollout. In addition to the U.S., Apple is hoping to quickly unveil the service in up to a dozen territories, according to sources, including the U.K, France, Germany, Australia, and Japan.

While recent reports have pinned the service’s launch for late 2013, CNET said Apple still wants to have a summer launch take place. The Verge claimed the same just last week. We discovered hard evidence of such a service being in development, suggesting that iRadio is indeed in the works for a launch sometime this year.

CNET’s report said Apple is working on functionality such as quick-button-based access to restart a song and new payment terms for record labels. The report also adds that the Apple service will be more Pandora-like than Rdio, suggesting true, radio-like randomization versus play-on-demand audio content.

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