According to Macotakara, new colors will be one of the more visible features of Apple’s next-generation iPhone models. According to a new report from the Japanese website, Apple’s iPhone 5 successor, already dubbed by some as the “iPhone 5S,” will come in three additional colors on top of the already existing black/slate and white/silver designs found on the iPhone 5.

It seems that it will have gossiped if the 5-color lineup of low-priced edition iPhone is carried out until now, but iPhone 5S may be 3 colors added to 2 colors of iPhone 5 1 color somehow. However, the informed sources did not tell about the kind of detailed color.

The site also claims that Apple’s already-rumored cheaper iPhone will come in five colors, but the report does not specify if this is five colors in addition to the black and white models or including the black and white options. Multiple analyst reports have previously claimed that Apple’s next iPhones will likely come in new colors.

Today’s report also does not specify what these new colors will be. It’s possible that the colors of the fifth-generation iPod touch, which already shares several design characteristics with the iPhone, could hold the answer. Apple sells the current iPod touch in yellow, pink, blue, silver, black, and in a Product(RED) variant.

The report also corroborates previous claims of an August release for the “iPhone 5S,” but the report adds that the announcement will come at some point in July. If the next iPhone is in fact an “S” update, we would expect other features to include a faster processor and an improved camera system. A fingerprint sensor has also been rumored based on Apple’s Authentec acquisition.

Macotakara has a mixed track record. The site previously correctly predicted some Apple device design details, but the site recently missed with claims of iPad updates in March.

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