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Today, Mophie introduced a bigger, badder iPhone 5 battery case called the Juice Pack Plus ($120) which contains a 2100mAh battery pack. That’s 120% of the iPhone 5 battery’s size and can double its life. The cases come in White, Black and Product (Red). Mophie previously had a 2000mAh Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 4/4S ($57)

We’re big fans of Mophie’s Juice packs. Mark reviewed the smaller Juice Pack Helium and Juice Pack Air back in March and had almost nothing but good things to say.

For iPhone 4/4S owners, Mophie recently released its OutRide case. The OutRide is a unique, versatile accessory that is easily mountable as a sports camera. Mophie’s video above provides a good look at how the OutRide can be used. The OutRide costs $149.95.

We have also previously reviewed the Mophie Duo accessory that allows you to charge two USB devices simultaneously.

Check out all of Mophie’s Juice Packs on sale at Amazon.

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