There was a lot to digest in yesterday’s keynote, so if you just want to get a quick feel for how things will look on your Mac when you upgrade from Mountain Lion, here are a sprinkling of screenshots to provide a taster … 

Farewell skeuomorphic Calendar (above) and Notes:


In Safari, the curved-effect Top Sites has been replaced by a much plainer 2D one:


Mission Control loses the linen backdrop:


Launchpad folders are now semi-transparent:


System Preferences have lost the section labels (Personal, Hardware, and so on) and the labels have a slightly larger typeface:


Apple Maps now on the Mac:


But it looks like the Skeuomorphism Decontamination Team hasn’t yet caught up with Photo Booth:


We’ll be providing some video tasters shortly, so you can see Mavericks in action. Meantime, let us know your thoughts in the Comments, below …

(Thanks, David.)