Sonico Mobile, the developers of popular apps such as Languages and Files App today are releasing an update to one of their most successful apps, iTranslate Voice. This new update adds several new features to make translating easier, faster and more accessible.

One of the first things you’ll notice if you’re an existing iTranslate Voice user is a refreshed user interface. While it’s nothing totally new, the update provides a more modern look, without any excessive UI elements. The title bar has been removed and a new “hamburger button” has been added between the translation buttons at the bottom of the screen which can either be tapped or swiped up to reveal settings and options.

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Speaking of settings, you’ll find some new options here. Additional languages have been added to the app, bringing the grand total up to 43. Thai and Catalan have been added with full voice recognition, and Hebrew, Ukrainian, Malay, Croatian, and Vietnamese have been added with more limited support. Also, for fun, a presidential voice pack has been added with three distinctive voices: Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Mitt Romney. While not without their flaws, all three of the voices were surprisingly realistic and recognizable, not to mention pretty fun to play around with. The presidential voice pack isn’t really something you’ll probably use from day to day, but it makes for a fun demo to show your friends.

Also new to iTranslate Voice is a feature called AirTranslate, which works over Bluetooth. The idea is pretty straightforward: when you’re in close proximity to someone else with iTranslate Voice that you’d like to have a conversation with, you can enable AirTranslate for quick, easy communication between languages. The feature is demonstrated in Sonico Mobile’s video below.

Lastly, iTranslate Voice now displays language facts on its home screen. After you clear a conversation using a pull-to-refresh-style gesture, you’ll see a randomized language fact. It’s a small touch, and reminds me of the quotes that the popular to-do app Clear displays.


If you’re an existing iTranslate Voice user, today’s update is free of charge. For new customers, the app will set you back a well-spent $1.99. You can grab the app here.

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