We’ve seen a few patents from Apple that cover flexible components that would be suitable for its much-rumored watch product in the past. Some of which include a couple for flexible displays and another that details a device that changes functionality as it bends. Today we get a look at another patent application from Apple, this time covering battery designs that could very well end up in a flexible or bendable product such as a wristwatch (via PatentlyApple):

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Flexible battery packs for use in electronic devices are disclosed. In one embodiment of the present disclosure, the flexible battery pack may include a plurality of cells, such as galvanic or photovoltaic cells. The battery pack also may include a plurality of laminate layers coupled to the cells that include a top laminate layer and a bottom laminate layer. An adhesive may be used to couple the top and bottom laminate layers together such that each of the plurality of cells is isolated from each other. This arrangement may allow the battery to be shaped to fit a form factor of the electronic device. This arrangement also may allow one or more of the cells to be selectively removed from the plurality, which may be desirable from a manufacturing perspective.

While Apple lists a variety of products that could take advantage of the flexible battery designs, it does specifically mention “wristwatches” in the patent application. From the patent drawing above, we can easily see how it could be beneficial for its much rumored iWatch.

As we inch closer to expected fall hardware releases for Apple’s mobile lineup, rumors of an ‘iWatch’ smart watch product from Apple continue to heat up. The latest proof comes from a series of trademark applications for ‘iWatch’, many of which have been directly linked to Apple.

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