Apple has updated its System Status page to show that 20% of users have been unable to make purchases since 6am this morning. Sadly, this outage is starting to become the norm as just last week the iTunes Store and other iCloud services were experiencing issues for certain users. In addition, Apple released new versions of iOS 7iTunes 11, and iTunes 11.1 beta to fix issues with iTunes in the Cloud that would not display purchases properly for some users.

Last week, Apple also sent out a botched update to Find my iPhone that left non-developers unable to log in to the app for several hours.

Downtime and server issues are to be expected with any large system – even went offline for just two minutes a couple of weeks ago – but there seems to be a growing amount of downtime reported on the System Status page. Nevertheless, it is good to see Apple being transparent with the issues.

We’ll update this page once the iTunes Store becomes fully functional again.

Update: The iTunes Store issues were resolved at 9:26 AM this morning, three and half hours after the problems began.

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