Japan’s largest mobile carrier, DoCoMo, will finally begin selling the iPhone this fall, according to Nikkei. Apple and DoCoMo reportedly recently came to an agreement, and reports regarding the discussions emerged late last month.

With Apple announcing two new iPhones next week, it is likely that DoCoMo will carry the new devices. Apple will be announcing a successor to the iPhone 5 (the iPhone 5S) as well as a lower-cost, plastic backed iPhone 5 geared towards emerging markets. 

Earlier today, chatter increased regarding other next-generation iPhone launches in China, including debuts on China Telecom and China Mobile

With the major launch on China Telecom, and the launches of the iPhone for the first time on both China Mobile and DoCoMo, perhaps one of the biggest pieces of news for this year’s iPhone launch is Apple’s forceful entry into the mainstream Asian mobile device market.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, during Apple’s most-recent earnings call, indicated substantial growth in Apple’s Japan-based sales.

Apple, in recent months, has taken steps to increase its presence in Japan. The company has moved to a more centrally-located headquarters in Tokyo and is currently preparing its first Japan Apple Store opening since 2005. 

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