Update: It does appear this was a glitch, as it’s no longer available. It’s not yet known whether those who upgraded while it was available will get to keep their unlimited data.

Contrary to Verizon’s stated claims that it is ridding itself of unlimited data plans on iPhone upgrades, a few readers have been able to upgrade to the iPhone 5S or 5C and keep their unlimited data (which is all the more valuable in the age of LTE).

Folks at HowardForums and Engadget are hearing the same thing.

Is this a glitch or is Verizon doing this unadvertised to sidestep some government regulation (like it is selling its iPhones unlocked again this year). We’re not going to reach out to Verizon on this one because if it is a glitch, folks with the ability to upgrade to unlimited plans should find out first.

Thanks Glaze!

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