Last year it was reported that Major League Baseball fans would soon be able to take advantage of iOS 7’s iBeacon support inside professional baseball stadiums. The technology would be utilized in the At The Ballpark app to customize the app’s interface to any given ballpark.

The app could direct users to their seats or points of interest such as concessions stands. Similar to Passbook’s lockscreen functionality, plans were also reportedly underway to allow the app to automatically present a ticket upon entering the gate.

The rollout for this technology has recently been started, and is expected to be completed in twenty different ballparks—with around 100 iBeacons in each—in time for opening day, according to a MacRumors report. An update to the At The Ballpark app will be required before customers can take advantage of the new sensors and should be hitting the App Store before the new season opens on March 30th.

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