Apple has acquired Burstly, the company behind the popular beta testing platform Test Flight, TechCrunch reported (now confirmed by Recode). TestFlight recently pulled its SDK as well as Android support  prompting speculation that big changes were on the horizon. Some speculated that an Apple acquisition could behind it all and would make sense considering the fragmented beta testing experience for app developers. While neither company has commented publicly confirming the acquisition, we were pointed to hints of the acquisition just before TechCrunch reported the rumor as likely and later updated its reporting to note that the acquisition had already occurred…

As for what Burstly could provide Apple, the company offers three products including SkyRocket (mobile ads), FlightPath (analytics) , and TestFlight (beta testing). The latter service is used to distribute and test pre-released software before it goes live to the public, something we often use to review software before its debut on the App Store.

The disconnect between the platform and Apple has left many wondering why Apple hasn’t offered the service on its own. Developers clearly want and need to distribute apps to more than just their in-house teams for more diverse testing and publicity leading up to a product launch.


An Apple-owned TestFlight (possibly without that branding) could make for a more robust and integrated beta testing platform, especially as Apple seems to be prepping for an App/Game Store on its Apple TV platform.

Both Apple and Burstly have not responded to requests for comment.

Update: Apple has confirmed the acquisition to Recode.

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