Update: Apple has now posted an accompanying microsite for the ad, featuring the ads shown in the video.

Apple has begun airing a new iPhone 5s ad this evening, first premiering on ABC during Agents Of SHIELD. This ad, featuring the interesting song ‘Gigantic‘ by the Pixies, takes a very different tone than the “Metal Mastered” ad released in October, which showed that gold really is best.

The ad shows common and uncommon tasks people can accomplish with their iPhone, such as creating music, tracking their health, shooting videos and photos, and playing games. The ad ends with the tagline “You’re more powerful than you think”. A new page on Apple’s website shows off the ad along with the featured software.

12" MacBook

Advertising for the iPhone 5s has been sparse, especially in comparison to the campaigns for the iPhone 5c. Aside from just 3 commercials, the only other 5s advertising we’ve seen are some print ads that ran shortly after the phone’s introduction.

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Thanks Dan for the video!

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