Luxury automotive company Bentley is the latest to take advantage of the filming capabilities of the iPhone 5s and iPad Air with a new short film entitled “Intelligent Details”. The four-minute film largely aligns with Apple’s values of design, performance, and technology coming together as it profiles the Bentley Mulsanne (MSRP from $298,000). As the film concludes, it is revealed that it was captured by the camera on Apple’s iPhone 5s and arranged in iMovie on an iPad Air… The latter portion of the film even shows the process and equipment used by the filmmakers with Apple’s technology and additional equipment.

While it’s not an official Apple commissioned film, it certainly does echo the message of content creation using the iPad as illustrated by Apple’s “Your Verse” campaign. It’s also reminiscent of Burberry’s effort to film its London fashion show on the iPhone 5s. Take a look below:

(Via The Loop)

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