Following an interview with Apple’s Eddy Cue and new Apple employee Jimmy Iovine of Beats Music earlier this week, a video of the full interview from the Code Conference has just landed online.

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The interview was timely as it followed an official announcement from Apple that the company was acquiring Beats Electronics for $3 billion and keeping founder Jimmy Iovine on board to run the service. Topics of conversation of course mostly revolved around the acquisition and exactly why Apple chose to buy Beats, but the two executives also shared stories about Steve Jobs and hinted at what Apple has in store for future products later this year.

This is the same interview where Eddy Cue claimed Apple has the best product pipeline that he’s seen in over 25 years at the company with new products arriving this year. Cue also shared some stats for iTunes and iTunes Radio: Apple just passed 35 billion songs sold on iTunes and 40 million listeners on iTunes Radio. Jimmy Iovine shared some numbers too– 250,000 paying Beats subscribers– as well as his vision for the Beats Music streaming service now under Apple’s control.

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