(Before and after screenshots via The Guardian)

Just over a week ago at WWDC, Apple announced several changes and improvements coming to the App Store this fall with the public release of iOS 8 including new ways to navigate through the App Store as well as explore new apps. As The Guardian points out (via MacStories), App Store customers across Europe will notice improvements in the following categories: health, lifestyle, music, photo and video, productivity, and sports. Prior to the editorial expansion, every App Store category aside from education, games, food, kids, and Newsstand were populated solely by use of an algorithm of new and popular apps…

The Guardian’s report also notes that Apple’s App Store editorial team is introducing themed collections within categories for European customers as the United States App Store has long enjoyed.

“Themed collections are likely to play a major role, too. Games shows the model in action: Apple’s editorial staff have created collections including Popular Puzzlers, The Best Games You’ve Never Played, It Came From Japan and Indie Game Showcase.”

This change brings the European App Store experience closer to that of the United States App Store experience.

Changes to the App Store coming this fall with the public release of iOS 8 include the ability for any App Store app to feature video clips within the product page, Editor’s Choice badges for apps chosen to be featured by Apple, app bundle pricing to allow developers to discount app collections, and more.


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