Opera Mini, the mobile version of Opera’s desktop web browser, today gets updated to version 8 with a brand new UI and much more.  On top of a completely redesigned UI that makes the app fit in nicer with iOS 7, the update also introduces enhanced options for Opera’s power saving and compression modes that offers data savings:

Opera Mini 8 lets you choose from three different modes of exploring the vast world of the web:

* Opera Mini mode offers huge compression of web traffic, up to 90%, and data savings. In areas with poor coverage and tough network conditions Opera Mini saves both time and money.

* Opera Turbo mode saves slightly less data than Opera Mini mode, but offers better website compatibility, making it the ideal browsing mode for most users.

* Data savings off is a no-compression, straight-to-the-source option, that ensures maximum website compatibility.

Also new in the updated version of Opera Mini is a new and improved customizable Speed Dial page, a Discover tab that serves up content from your favorite sources, and a new tab gallery. The app also makes it easier to switch between search sources, offers the ability to share URLs via QR codes, and introduces customizable themes.

The app is available on the App Store now for both iPhone and iPad. Screenshots of the iPad app are below:

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