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Verizon announced a new promotion today that offers an additional gigabyte of sharable data when customers activate a new smartphone or upgrade a new smartphone on one of the carrier’s MORE Everything plans. In order to take advantage of this deal, you’ll need to be on a MORE Everything plan that uses at least 1GB of data.

If eligible, Verizon will add an extra gigabyte of data to your plan each month for a period of two years. As bit of a refresher, Big Red’s MORE Everything plans offer monthly data allowances that can be shared across 10 different lines of service. Data allotments range from 250MB to 100GB and can be bundled with unlimited talk and text and up to 25GB of cloud storage.

In addition its MORE Everything data promotion, Verizon announced a new single line plan with 2GB of data for $60 a month ($50 through Verizon Edge) that comes with unlimited talk and text.

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