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Samsung unveils new Note 4, Note Edge w/ wraparound display, & Gear S smartwatch set to take on larger iPhones/iWatch


With Apple set to introduce its larger iPhones (and possibly its “iWatch” wearable) later this month on September 9, Samsung has just completed its IFA press conference announcing its latest flagships that will go head to head with the new iPhones this fall.

As expected, Samsung today officially unveiled its new Galaxy Note 4 with a 5.7-inch 2560×1440 Super AMOLED display, a new Galaxy Note Edge device with a wraparound display of sorts, as well as its new curved Gear S smart watch and the previously leaked VR headset powered by Oculus. The Galaxy Note Edge features the same updated internals and new metal chassis as the Galaxy Note 4, but also includes the curved, wraparound display on one edge as pictured above. In addition to announcing its partnership with Oculus for its new VR headset, Samsung also announced collaborations with Swarovski for crystal-covered cases for Note 4 and MontBlanc for new S Pen compatible styluses.

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Samsung announces curved Gear S smartwatch, shipping in October

Samsung shows off Oculus-powered Gear VR headset for Galaxy Note 4

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  1. PMZanetti - 9 years ago

    LMAO! That is hideous. Samsung….you completely misunderstood the entire purpose of “Curved”. Apple isn’t “curving” its display you numbskulls…they are curving the glass itself in order to bend neatly into the curved sides…..that’s it.

    • Wes - 9 years ago

      I think it looks cool.
      Cool AND 100% gimmicky. How could that possibly be useful and not annoying or easily broken??

      • Eli Matar - 9 years ago

        As hideous as large screens, right?
        When Samsung came out with large screens, we all believed what Apple told us with the Finger ad.
        I wonder how Tim will explain this on Monday.
        You will believe its hideous until Apple make it.

      • Robert Nixon - 9 years ago

        @Eli Matar I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone argue that a phone was hideous solely on the basis of it having a large screen.

      • o0smoothies0o - 9 years ago

        @Eli Apple doesn’t do gimmicks. Samsung and Andriod are 90% gimmicks which sell to very stupid humans. That’s okay though.

      • Bryan Hough - 9 years ago

        Yeah, o0smoothies0o, cause actionable notifications are gimmicks. Cause an integrated home screen search with 24/7 contextual awareness is a gimmick. I switched to an iPhone 5s after spending years with Android back in January. I had to take it back within the 14 day return window and get a Moto X because the iPhone just feels “disconnected” and dumb. Trust me, Android isn’t for stupid humans. Actually most smart phone power users and tech savvy folk much prefer Android. iPhones are nice phones for old people who are afraid of technology though. My 70 year old aunt loves hers

      • Eli Matar - 9 years ago

        Keep an open mind never follow the herd. Samsung sell to stupid humans, but 2 millionaire I know use Galaxy S phones.
        (I use iPhones though).

      • o0smoothies0o - 9 years ago

        Sorry boys, they will keep feeding you those gimmicks and you’ll keeping sucking it all up. Samsung’s greatest gimmick might be the heart rate sensor on the phone which you have to place your finger on. LMFAO. I’m not going to bother typing out why this is obscenely idiotic again, but hopefully some of you are intelligent enough to know why.

      • crichton007 - 9 years ago

        I agree. I’ve watched The Verge’s hands-on video and this does seem intriguing too. I don’t think I’d like it but I’d like to play with a demo model at some time. That said though you know the big issue? How do southpaws use this?

      • Jimmy Truong (@fallenjt) - 9 years ago

        Samsung hate left handed people: You, lefty, don’t use our Edge!

    • I agree with you. It’s hideaos. Also, it shows emails and calendar icons in one rotation and that weather info in another rotation. Because f*ck logic :D

  2. Larry W Brown - 9 years ago

    I wouldn’t use a Samsung phone if they gave me a zillion of them and they all crapped out golden eggs. Their insulting advertising turned me off years ago.

    • crichton007 - 9 years ago

      I think you might be a little too sensitive here. I absolutely love that commercial where they guy makes fun of the headphone jack being moved to the bottom of the phone. Their other ones are usually humorous but more contrived than actually making a salient point. Take heart though: anyone who falls for one of their commercials is either someone who wouldn’t appreciate an iPhone or someone who will eventually realize how much better they can have it.

      • thejuanald - 9 years ago

        If you think the iPhone is in any way more advanced than an android phone you’re insane. iOS is a few years behind android in terms of functionality and the flagship devices of all the major android manufacturers are all much more advanced than the iphone, including the one that will be announced.

        What apple has going for it is their walled garden and their user experience that comes from limiting what people are allowed to do. It’s a phone for people who don’t want to (or are incapable of) doing more. Old people and tweens love them.

      • crichton007 - 9 years ago

        You sound bitter.

    • Eli Matar - 9 years ago

      Poor baby. Are you okaaaaaay?

    • robertvarga79 - 9 years ago

      Now, if it crapped out golden eggs (every day!), I would think it through: how many Apple devices and apps could you purchase from the sold eggs?!!! :-)

      And a yacht, villas, planes…

  3. liquidwolverine1 - 9 years ago

    Do you think it’s only made for right handed people?

    • rettun1 - 9 years ago

      You can turn the phone upside down and it will flip to the correct orientation, but left handed use isn’t ideal because the bottom is easier to reach when below the screen

      • rettun1 - 9 years ago

        *button, not bottom

  4. Tim Jr. - 9 years ago

    Ok, thats waiting to get smashed quick.. guess we’ll see in break tests soon.

    • crichton007 - 9 years ago

      I wondered that too: how much will it cost to replace that screen when it gets broken? You know it will need it sooner rather than later. A client I work with had the S4 for 2 days before knocking her phone off of a coffee table onto the carpet a foot below and her screen spider-webbed. It cost the company more than the contract price of the phone to replace the screen. I chuckled and told her she should have gotten an iPhone.

      • thejuanald - 9 years ago

        That’s bad, I’ve had my Note 3 and have dropped it on hard wood floors and once on concrete and it hasn’t cracked at all. I also had a friend who dropped his iPhone 4S two weeks after he got it off of a couch onto the carpet and completely shattered the back glass. I guess it all comes down to bad luck/positioning.

  5. it looks “thick” in that top photo.
    and now not sure i like the look of the curved screen.
    could be nice but not sure about it.

    but hey “we did it first”

  6. Tim Jr. - 9 years ago

    Visually it gets a second look .. but functionally.. I have to wonder at the use cases.. and issues that will come with left hand use.. and durability of the screen.. and are you basically loosing that part of the screen to ‘slide’ widgets.. also, what will be visibility in dark and outdoor direct sun situations..

    Samsung phones are not the best in direct sunlight to begin with..


  8. David Smith - 9 years ago

    I am an apple fan, always have been, always will. If Apple would have done this we’d all be touting it as the greatest thing since sliced bread. I would definitely consider buying this phone, and I’ve had the iPhone since day 1. I will wait and see what the new 6 brings, but so far I’m impressed with what the Note can offer.

    • Mike Knopp (@mknopp) - 9 years ago

      I thought it was a stupid idea when the rumor was that Apple was working on it. I still think it is a stupid idea.

      This will cause so many problems in terms of usage (inadvertent touches) and durability (cases and how many more drops will it suffer as people try to keep the phone from registering a touch from a normal grip on the phone) that I suspect it will be a flop.

      And I would think this even if Apple came out with it.

    • Robert Nixon - 9 years ago

      If Apple had done this the blogosphere would be calling it the end of the Apple era.

    • o0smoothies0o - 9 years ago

      No, you might. Not I. That looks hideous and it is a 100% gimmick like 90% of the features Samsung and Andriod offer.

  9. paul55br - 9 years ago

    Galaxy Note Edge. At least something original and different from Samsung. Not the copying stuff.

    • o0smoothies0o - 9 years ago

      They should stick to copying is what this shows. They are completely incompetent, but then again idiotic people buy into their idiotic gimmicks, so I guess it’s okay.

    • PMZanetti - 9 years ago

      Actually they are copying (poorly) one of the multitude of things Apple has patented but has not (and will never) use.

  10. poopdood - 9 years ago

    I normally dislike Samsung a LOT. However, the curved screen looks quite neat. Dunno if it’s not gonna rain a whole lot of display issues but judging just by the looks, I like it

  11. Wes - 9 years ago

    Should it be me mentioned that Apple already holds a patent on this?
    The patent battles just won’t end, will they?

    • paul55br - 9 years ago

      Glad you pointed it out. I thought for a moment it was actually an original idea from Samsung. I guess I was wrong.

    • amenxosx - 9 years ago

      This shows how cretin some Apple fans can be.
      Are you for real? :|
      Samsung worked on this since 2009, you phuck-nut.

      I’m an Apple fan, but not a mindless fanatic…

      It’s called YOUM display.

      In January 2013 Samsung officially launched their flexible OLED displays, calling them YOUM displays. YOUM panels are bendable.

      • Wes - 9 years ago

        For a moment there, I thought someone as rude as you might have shown me wrong.
        But upon further investigation, you’re quite mistaken:
        Samsung APPLIED for the patent in February.
        Apple was GANTED the patent in March. The FILED for it in 2011.
        It takes a long time to get a patent approved. And it looks like Samsung’s won’t be, because Apple clearly filed theirs long before Samsung.
        But thanks for keeping me objective. :)

    • zpaul2fresh8zpaul2fresh8 - 9 years ago

      Nice try but this article shows it from May 2014. Samsung has this since 2013 with their YOUM displays. Google Search is your friend.

    • Peter Reime - 9 years ago

      You mean that Patent that Apple lodged about 3 Months AFTER Samsung introduced the Youm prototype? You see that is the difference with Samsung, they actually develop and make their inventions.

  12. BenRadUK - 9 years ago

    Can’t wait for the infamous 9to5mac troll named herb02135go to show up…he’ll make me laugh harder than this phone design!
    Don’t disappoint me herbie :-)

    • Robert Nixon - 9 years ago

      The only thing worse than trolls are people who egg them on.

      • BenRadUK - 9 years ago

        Fair enough Robert. “Don’t feed the trolls” as they say.
        Back to the point at hand: I don’t like this phone, and if Apple was ever to bring out a gimmicky design like this, I’d move over to HTC (or something of similar quality)…fingers crossed it doesn’t ever come to that!

  13. Joaquim Inverno - 9 years ago

    This is by no means a very good looking phone, but it’s exciting to see something new like this in tech and see Samsung not copying Apple for once, I don’t know how good the curved part of the display is, it’s probably just another gimmick.

  14. Did I somehow end up on 9to5Samsung when trying to access 9to5Mac? This is the kind of content that should get passed over on this site.

  15. Stylus?
    “Who wants a stylus right?” said Steve Jobs in 2007.
    Samsung, not only try to copy, but copy very badly.
    But it also says something about the millions of utter douchebags that buy Samsung shite.

    Still, it may seem Apple have lost their edge over its competitors with regards to a cell phone. They’re still the best (imo) but the gap is closing fast.

    • thejuanald - 9 years ago

      You seem much more like a douchebag than someone choosing a brand you don’t like. By the way, if you want to be able to go paperless and write notes, then a real stylus is absolutely necessary. Things like the Note Pro and Surface Pro are fantastic productivity tools, in addition to being fantastic personal devices. That is, if you have a job/education that requires you to be able to write write formulas, differential equations, mechanisms, graphs, schematics, chemical reactions, biological pathways, etc. You know, stuff that matters. Or hell, even if you’re an artist.

      I love my Macbook Air, but some of you people are insane.

      • You’re right, I don’t write formulas on my smartphone, so I don’t need a stylus.
        Instead I use a keyboard and a stationary computer, not a smartphone for such tasks.
        Please, stick to the subject, we’re speaking about smartphones here, not tablets,computers, laptops e.t.c.

        Although I do think the Surface Pro, despite its obvious failings, shows at least some little bit of potential.

      • thejuanald - 9 years ago

        I was giving an example. I use my Note 3 for taking quick notes and reminders. It’s also pretty awesome for using to write text messages.

        Eww, typing in derivations of partials on a keyboard.

  16. o0smoothies0o - 9 years ago

    Samsung’s watch and Andriod wear will look like the most embarrassing things ever when Apple’s is unveiled in a few days. God I wish we could see their faces, Samsung fan’s faces, and Herb’s face.

    • About Herb, can’t you leave the guy alone already?
      Its like reading things that Tallestskill writes.

      • o0smoothies0o - 9 years ago

        Hahaha I’ll leave herb alone when he stops being a moronic troll. Thanks for your opinion though.

      • Consider Herbs comments as “entertainment”, makes for easier reading :)

      • thejuanald - 9 years ago

        God, Tallestskil was the worst. Is he banned now? I haven’t seen that guy in awhile

      • @thejuanald,
        haha, haven’t seen him either. But don’t say things like that, because now he’ll probably show up.

      • herb02135go - 9 years ago

        But I generate Web clicks.

        And I’ve had some readers try Samsung and totally leave iphone for Samsung

      • @herb,
        sure, there will always be people changing their phones.
        Also many from Android going over to iPhones.

        What should really make you think though, is that before 2007 there was NOTHING from Apple at all.
        So in 7 short years, to dominate the market is a testament to how good the iPhone really is.

      • thejuanald - 9 years ago

        @Andre, sorry, I will refrain from mentioning the name. It’s definitely been a better place without him haha

    • herb02135go - 9 years ago

      Let’s face it.
      Samsung owns the wearable market and Apple has to play catch up.

      The Apple trolls (like Edison and Ollie, who are probably paid anyway) are praising products that haven’t even been announced and may not be on sale until next year! Talk about blind faith and lack of common sense.

      Hope you like the larger screen, like my s5 has NOW.

      Maybe you’ll eventually get the battery life I have now. Maybe. Someday.

      • That would be nice if we (iPhone users) got bigger screen and better battery. That is definitely 2 things that lacked with the iPhonea and where for example your S5 is better.
        When the iPhone 5 came out, they just made it longer because as Phil Schiller said:
        “Its the thumb that decides”
        What utter nonsense! I was dissapointed. Still it turned out “ok” and by far iOS is superior to Android and the poor play store implementation e.t.c.

  17. Jason R. Olsen - 9 years ago

    So, a wrap around edge made of glass… Are the engineers at Samsung ever capable of having an original thought/idea? They’ve spent so many years copying the ideas of Apple and others – even rumored ideas – that they have lost all capability of independent thought!

  18. Ario (@ArioYazdan) - 9 years ago

    I like it, looks great and a very original design. Never thought I’d say it but good job samsung.

    • o0smoothies0o - 9 years ago

      Original in that no one else would be stupid or ballsy enough to through out a worthless gimmick like that, and see if people like it. It’s embarrassingly bad.

      • herb02135go - 9 years ago

        USA Today sure liked these “gimmicks.”
        Maybe the iphone 7 will have them. Hahaha

      • Looks like the Palm pilot i had in 2004. Really. What’s the use of curved edges?

  19. Thank God you fanbois are irrelevant to Apple. If this ran iOS, I’d buy it.
    The only thing stopping me moving to an Android, is Android.

    • o0smoothies0o - 9 years ago

      Then you’d successfully buy into a worthless gimmick. Congrats lol

    • herb02135go - 9 years ago

      Have you used Android? It’s very nice- tons of features and not a toy – like iphone. More like a real computer

      • Yes, I have. Android is the toy. I can do a task in 2-3 steps on an iPhone that often takes 5-6 steps on Android. Android is Windows 3.1 for phones, with a Windows XP shell. It’s not a productivity tool for serious mobile users, it’s a teenagers plaything. Tons of features does not equal productivity, and for someone that spend hours every day making actual calls, no Android has the voice quality even remotely comparable to an iPhone. No Android can handle a phone call in a packed and noisy conference hall, the iPhone can. Remember what Steve Jobs said the killer app was?? MAKING PHONE CALLS. The iPhone is a smartphone. Android is a tablet that has been hacked to allow calls. Big difference.

  20. Edison Wrzosek - 9 years ago


    Nurse, I need stitches, I laughed too hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Didn’t we always know in our hearts this is what Samsung would be if they DIDN’T rip off Apple and others?

    • zpaul2fresh8zpaul2fresh8 - 9 years ago

      LMAO at your post.

      If Apple ever did bring something like this to the table the ONLY company who could create those displays would be Samsung.

      Let’s create an iPhone shall we? (Possibly outdated in some aspects but you get the point)

      Display = Sharp
      Memory = Samsung
      Camera Sensor = Sony
      Battery = Samsung
      Processor = ARM

      There are a lot more components that are subbed out and this is why Samsung is passing Apple in the cell phone game. They already make just about every component in house, Display, SoCs, Battery, Memory modules, Camera sensors etc…

      In a business aspect Samsung has the pieces in place to be king and in my eyes they are better than Apple at cell phones. Granted I’m not 50 years old and lacking a grasp on technology so I know what both companies and devices have to offer so that’s a no brainer.

      And it doesn’t matter which company you chose to support, every crowd has it’s clowns that make the rest of us intelligent people shake their heads asking “Why?”…

  21. herb02135go - 9 years ago

    Well-played, Ollie-son!
    Funny how no one suspects that our cubes are in the same building.
    Yea, we’re real. Just like wrestling!

  22. herb02135go - 9 years ago

    Apple stock has taken a dive in response to the Samsung announcement and celebrity hacks.

    Will it be down for the count??

    • Try to relax a little.
      I’ve got Apple stocks, its normal to dive&rise under different circumstances. It was also very low before iPhone came out.
      Now with iWatch coming out, there’ll be a time more or less the same, then it will rise again.

  23. password92 - 9 years ago

    …..Look guys I can squint to read a couple letters on this small curved portion of my screen that I’m always seeing first! Plus it makes 100% sense to only have this side curved!

    -Said No One Ever

    • herb02135go - 9 years ago

      Speaking of squinting, isn’t Apple releasing a phone larger screen?

      It’s about freaking time.

      • password92 - 9 years ago

        Heh. That was mildly entertaining.

  24. Shrinivas - 9 years ago

    As expected, Samsung today officially unveiled its new Galaxy Note 4 with a 5.7-inch 2560×1440 Super AMOLED display, a new Galaxy Note Edge device with a wraparound display of sorts, as well as its new curved Gear S smart watch and the previously leaked VR headset powered by Oculus.

  25. Xavier Gunz - 9 years ago

    wait is this for real? I thought it was a joke from the pages of the onion. Bravo Samsun, Bravo.

  26. nsxrebel - 9 years ago

    Interesting design on that Note Edge, but that presentation was HORRIBLE, and that lady was annoying as fnck with her lame attempts at jokes. And Samsung is still using faux leather on the backs of their phones??

    The Gear S looks like it’s much improved from that shit they came out with last year. But the lamest product of what they introduced, at least to me, that stupid VR contraption.

    Oh well, I like how iOS works for me, so bring on the iPhone 6!

  27. bananacubes - 9 years ago

    i’ m a really big fan of apple about 7 years ago , but yesterday when i watched the samsung event i felt like ” it is amazing what a good idea to compare a mobile whith the ocolus ” now i’m really excited about how apple will punch back ;)

  28. robertvarga79 - 9 years ago

    Oh boy, the flood of Samsung gimmicks and crap is coming….

  29. Barry Lauster - 9 years ago

    Iphones are for teenagers regardless of screen size. Fact.

    • Barry, now you’re just trolling.
      iPhones are used by everyone of all age groups.
      But even if they were designed “just” for teenagers, then that’d be a good thing, not a bad thing, as teenagers grow up to be adults and continue to use iPhones. That’d be great as then Android would demise, except for poor Africans in Africa that could only afford Android.

      • kagisodaniels - 8 years ago

        What u mean poor Africans in africa


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