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WSJ: iWatch, iPhone 6 to link via NFC, watch coming in two sizes with curved OLED screens


A new report from The Wall Street Journal today is corroborating many previous rumors about Apple’s upcoming wearable, including that the device will include some form of NFC technology and will be shipping in multiple sizes. Furthermore, the report notes that Apple will also be bringing NFC to its next iPhone as seen in previous leaks, making it easier for the two devices to pair and signifying that the watch will be more than just a fitness gadget:

The gadget’s use of near-field communication, or NFC, reflects Apple’s broader ambitions for the so-called iWatch beyond health and fitness tracking, the most commonly cited use. Apple also is expected to add the wireless technology to the next versions of its iPhone, people familiar with the device said, potentially simplifying the process of connecting, or pairing, the two devices.

Furthermore, the device will supposedly feature a curved OLED screen and ship in two sizes, notably aligning with reports this morning from KGI. And as has been very well-reported, Apple will reportedly be giving the device a health-focused bent with the inclusion of a variety of sensors for tracking fitness data:

The smartwatch would be offered in two sizes, both featuring a curved organic light-emitting diode screen, those people familiar with the device said. It will include sensors to track and monitor health and fitness data, the people said.

Finally, the WSJ has reiterated the most recently rumored timetable that Apple has set out for this device, mentioning that while the device will be announced at the company’s September 9th event next week, it likely won’t be hitting store shelves until 2015. Apple apparently targeted a November release for the device, but as recent reports suggest, it doesn’t appear the company met that goal.

Apple is expected to unveil the new phones and smartwatches at an event next week, the people familiar with the matter said. But it wasn’t clear when the new smartwatch would go on sale.

People familiar with Apple’s plans said it is unlikely that Apple will release the smartwatch this year, because the Cupertino, Calif., company is still working out engineering kinks in production. Earlier in the year, Apple had targeted a November release, these people said.

Unsurprisingly, sources for WSJ are saying that Apple will be opening pre-orders for the iWatch at some point. As for its price point, recent reports from Re/code are suggesting that the device could cost as much as $400.

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  1. PMZanetti - 9 years ago

    I rather like that mockup, and wouldn’t be terribly disappointed if it looked something like that.

  2. michaelpscott - 9 years ago

    I’d call this rendition of the “iWatch” an Apple Oxymoron: Pretty Ugly!

  3. herb02135go - 9 years ago

    So Apple will be introducing things that aren’t yet available?
    What a joke. Just like it rolled out Siri and Maps before they were ready.

    Why doesn’t Apple introduce hover cars and teleporters, then say they will be introduced next year (and of course, delay them then due to ” technical issues”).

    Samsung makes innovative products. Apple makes promises.

    • taoprophet420 - 9 years ago

      Apple previewed both the original iPhones iPads months before their release dates they didn’t miss their release dates. Apples only truly bad relapses were the newest Mac Pros and iMac’s.

      How is 6 smartwatches models innovative? Samsung flings shit at a fan and sees what sticks.

    • Oh Herbo… You must have an awesome life. You sit on an Apple rumor site and just talk shit every day. I feel bad for you every time I see your sad little comments on here.

    • iJonni - 9 years ago

      you’re a regular here, so i won’t get too deep into how much your comments suck and hold absolutely zero weight. but since you want to defend Samsung so much, please make sure you speak with knowledge. I don’t mind you defending them, they do make some cool products. But Samsung NEVER introduces a product and makes it available for sale immediately. They literally, JUST YESTERDAY, announced 3 brand new “innovative” products with ZERO release date or pricing. JUST YESTERDAY. please shut up now.
      They do this all the time. Actually, EVERYONE EXCEPT Apple does this. We are STILL waiting on the Moto360 announce 5 months ago. Still waiting on the LG G2 watch. Nothing release. Only the Samsung Gear, Fit and Live. 3 out of 6 devices?? come on brother.

      Just wait. Then spew your nonsense all over this board.

      • o0smoothies0o - 9 years ago

        He can’t wait, he isn’t intelligent enough to form reasonable arguments, that’s why all of his comments are hysterical.

      • Barry L'Amour - 9 years ago

        YOU OWNED HIM!!!!

    • o0smoothies0o - 9 years ago

      Samsung copies Apple’s innovative products. Wow you are ridiculously stupid by the way. The only way for Apple’s iWatch not to leak is to unveil before mass production. You are about to be crying so much when it is unveiled. It will destroy anything from Samsung, and Samsung won’t be able to copy this easily.

  4. Alex (@Metascover) - 9 years ago

    NFC is for paying obviously!
    Paying by passing your wrist in front of the machine… DONE. No need to take out the phone.

  5. taoprophet420 - 9 years ago

    Besides pairing and payment I see both the new iPhones and iWatches being able to wirelessly charge over NFC. I don’t think Apple would do a 360 on their view of NFC just to pair the iWatch and roll out a mobile payment system. Maybe the NFC If The iPhone won’t be used for wireles charging, but I think it will defiantly be part of the iWatch.

    I would prefer for Apple to wait for next year to release the iWatch if a limited release this year means the horrible releases like the Mac Pros and last iMacs. I think Apple has learned this lessons rushing products to market. Apple might release the iWatch, next gen Apple TV and new Airport that all utilize Homekit. The next gen Apple TV might be a combo Airport station and be the main Homekit hub for your home.

    • o0smoothies0o - 9 years ago

      iPhone won’t get wireless charging until they utilize near field magnetic resonance to charge from at least 1 meter away. Wireless charging for a phone is a completely idiotic gimmick which allows you less use of your device by having to place it on something to charge, as opposed to hold it in your hand. It does make sense for a watch though, as you want to have no ports, and a watch doesn’t need to be used while it is off the wrist. However, an iWatch that could charge up to a meter away would be amazingly ideal, as you could sleep with it on in bed while it is charging on your wrist.

  6. chrisl84 - 9 years ago

    Wondering how Apple will market this device. Much the same reason they dont make an actually TV set is upgrade cycle is quite long. They want people upgrading devices every other year. Can Apple convince people to buy a 400 buck watch every 24 months because they added a retina display and made it lighter? They’d be wise to make the iWatch a “hobby” product since it will be low priority on the upgrade cycle.

    • taoprophet420 - 9 years ago

      It would have to be a modular device to be successful in a 24 month upgrade cycle. I’m sure they will have a lower tier price range too. $200 to $249 for a glass screen and cheaper material for the watch band.

    • Chris- totally. I bet it will only be compatible with iPhone 6. Maybe each iteration will only be compatible with that years iPhone.

      • chrisl84 - 9 years ago

        That would be one approach, I am definitely interested to see what they come up with.

    • Derek Wildstar - 9 years ago

      with the major carriers plans now (e.g. Jump) you can upgrade your 600-800 phone every year (or if you’re on the old jump plan 2x per year) – and only have to pay what they are going for (e.g. 99, 199, 299) — all you have to do is turn in your old device. Or sell them (eBay, gazelle, etc) on your own pay it off, get the new one… there are at least two methods not to incur a lot of cost to keep it upgraded. Apple products retain their resale value pretty well.

      • chrisl84 - 9 years ago

        Thats true utilizing the trade in program could be sufficient incentive.

  7. Brian (@brian_george) - 9 years ago

    1) Apple has worked with star Athletes to create the best watch for fitness tracking [meaning you will be sweating while wearing it]
    2) Apple has worked with fashion designers to create a stylish watch to wear while you are out/at work
    3) Apple has designed a watch that will worry Swiss manufacturers of watches

    So this watch will be Garmin meets Nixon meets Rolex? Doesn’t make any sense.
    I know personally I don’t want to be wearing a leather watch to the gym, nor a rubber watch to work/bar.

    • rogifan - 9 years ago

      Who’s to say its only one device?

      • Brian (@brian_george) - 9 years ago

        No one has said it will be one device, but no where has there been any info on Apple releasing a Sports watch, an every day watch, and a luxury watch. Doesn’t feel Apple-esque to me

  8. OneOkami (@OneOkami) - 9 years ago

    Given there are supposedly two models and the $400 price point has been thrown out there, I’m wondering if that is the upper bound for the higher-end model. If the Apple can put out a model in the $250-$300 range (or less) with some impressive applications and the device can stand on its own feet so to speak without always needing an iPhone companion I would consider one.

    $400 and above would be a much tougher sell, though. I’d probably need to be floored by the device to spend that much.

  9. 89p13 - 9 years ago

    Not really feeling this “look” – and with what Jony “supposedly” said about Swiss watches being ****** I hope this isn’t what the iWatch looks like. Far too geeky – with little style. Just my opinion.

  10. I’m just curious to find out how the screen’s will look under sunlight. If they;re anything like my iPad or iPod, I think I might take a pass on an iWatch, as painful as that’ll be.

  11. Dante (@wilDBIERI) - 9 years ago

    Will iWatch support 5S


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