The same person who posted the original convincing videos of a working iPhone 6 is back with some more analysis, after having the device for a couple of days. In particular, zzray ran his device through Geekbench to try and find out some technical specifications. The supposed Geekbench results say that the device (with identifier iPhone 7,2) has 1 GB of RAM and an ARM processor clocked at 1.4 GHz.

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Although the included RAM is disappointing, with many hoping Apple would bump RAM to 2 GB this generation, the small change in clock speed should not come as a surprise. 9to5Mac reported that the A8 would focus on power efficiency, rather than extreme performance improvements. It is likely that Apple has focused on other engineering improvements aside from base clock speed for any Apple A8 speed gains. Still, the chip managed a Geekbench score of 1633 for single-core and 2920 for multi-core.  For comparison, the Geekbench website shows that an iPhone 5s scores 1412 in single-core and 2540 in multi-core tests. This is still a substantial increase to compute performance.

(via GforGames)

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