Lefties fear not, Apple has now confirmed that its new Apple Watch wearable will indeed be reversible for users that prefer the watch on their right wrist.

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When Apple unveiled the device and focused a lot of time on the “Digital Crown” dial used for many navigation features on the watch, left-handed individuals were left wondering whether or not the device could be flipped around (with the UI reorienting itself) to wear on the right wrist and still have access to the digital crown and single button using their left hand. That’s because simply moving the watch to the right wrist without any changes would result in reaching over (and blocking) the display with your left hand to reach the digital crown.


The solution, according to several journalists that heard from Apple is that the display can be flipped around. It will, however, also apparently require the straps to be swapped:

That would reverse the position of the digital crown and singular button (as pictured at top), but we’re guessing if that was a usability issue Apple would have made the digital crown centred.  It’s also worth noting that it’s unclear if the Apple Watch straps will come preinstalled, and Apple told media that “Apple Watch offers you the option to set the device up for either a left-handed or right-handed user when you first switch it on.”

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