Apple has announced this year’s summit for its Made-for-iPhone/iPad/iPod accessory program will take place Nov. 12-14 in China. The event will focus on briefing accessory manufacturers on HomeKit, iBeacon, and other new technologies coming in iOS 8. 

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Apple certainly has a lot to brief accessory makers on this year. Earlier this year we were first to report on Apple’s plans to allow headphone manufacturers to use its Lightning connector for sending audio and other unique features, while iOS 8 launching this fall with the new iPhones introduces HomeKit, Health, and a ton of new features related to iBeacon, Bluetooth, and AirPlay that accessory makers will undoubtedly want to tap into. Apple says focus areas for sessions at this year’s summit will be HomeKit, iBeacon, In-App Purchases and AirPlay. 

We’ve just recently seen the first crop of HomeKit and Health integrated devices announced from early Apple partners, but you can expect to see many more following this year’s summit and the launch of new iPhones. Following our report earlier in the year, Philips just yesterday announced the first headphones to use Apple’s Lightning connector. 

To join Apple’s MFi program, accessory manufacturers are required to follow Apple guidelines for building accessories and in some cases pay licensing fees and source parts from Apple approved suppliers. In exchange, they get to advertise their products as Apple approved, Made-for-iPhone products and also receive assistance with development from Apple.

MFi accessory makers can register now for the event taking place November 12-14 in Shenzhen, China.

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