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Not sure what to believe about recent claims that the iPhone 6 Plus has a malleability issue? Consumer Reports says it is in the process of undergoing authoritative testing to find its own answer to the question of whether or not the larger iPhone has a bending problem.

According to their post, Consumer Report will critically test the new iPhones against other popular smartphones using their “sophisticated machinery” which can apply up to 1,000 pounds of force previously used to test the LG G Flex and determine whether or not the iPhone 6 models are more likely to bend than other phones.

While you would expect any device to succumb to pressure at some extreme point, Consumer Report’s experience will presumably offer data specifying at which point each popular smartphone maintains damage from bending when it becomes available.

Apple today issued a statement to various media outlets saying that only nine customers have filed complaints regarding the bending issue during the six days of iPhone sales.

After initial reports of iPhone 6 Plus devices maintaining bends in the frame after normal use surfaced, several videos have been shared demonstrating the malleability of the new iPhone model.

We’ll share the results from Consumer Reports as they become available, so stay tuned…

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