Following some statistical analysis from yesterday that indicated the iPhone 6 usage ratio was beginning to favor iPhone 6 Plus, Digitimes now reports that Apple is following through on market shifts with production schedule adjustments.

Digitimes says that with iPhone 6 Plus exceeding expectations, Apple has asked the supply chain to move some production away from its 4.7 inch phone. This will mean that shipments for iPhone 6 will fall by 3-4 million units to accommodate the change in production lines.

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The iPhone 6 Plus has been consistently out of stock since its debut. This supply readjustment may help ease the backlog. However, the report warns that changes to retail channel are not immediate and there is a time lag between supply side adjustments and retail availability. This means that delays are still expected for the near term.

Demand for Apple’s newest phones is only going to be amplified by the introduction of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to China later this month. It is expected for China to have a significantly higher relative demand ratio for 6 Plus’s (over iPhone 6) due to cultural reasons which make big phones especially appealing. One report showed that reservations for iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 were neck and neck, whereas in the Western world the iPhone 6 is expected to outnumber the 6 Plus by a good margin.

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