Apple confirmed today that it has acquired cloud networking startup Union Bay Networks and will open a software engineering office in the company’s home town of Seattle. This will be Apple’s first time venturing into the city, though many other tech companies have already established offices in the area.

The first hints that an acquisition may have taken place came when GeekWire noticed that Union Bay’s co-founder Benn Bollay now lists himself as a manager at Apple on LinkedIn and seems to be attempting to recruit new workers in the area to the Cupertino tech giant. Bollay also wrote a post titled “Ever wanted to work at Apple, but didn’t want to live in Cupertino?” and removed it shortly thereafter.

Apple also recently posted two new software engineering job openings located in Seattle, and apparently has over 30 employees already working in the area. That team reportedly consists mostly of network infrastructure engineers previously employed by F5.

They’ll be joined by at least seven of the nine engineers from Union Bay, many of whom say that Apple hired them in or around September. According to Bollay, the Seattle office will work on projects including the iTunes Store and iCloud.

The exact location of Apple’s office has not yet been disclosed.

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