A new report claims that the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, led by veteran screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, is set to change hands. According to Hollywood magazine Deadline, the film will be moving from Sony Pictures to Universal Pictures by tomorrow at the latest. Despite the studio move, production of the movie is expected to remain on the fast track.

“I’m hearing very strongly that Universal is indeed locking down the Jobs project and essentially giving it a green light,” writes Deadline reporter Mike Fleming, Jr. “This should be closed by tomorrow latest. That means the project shouldn’t lose any momentum despite the studio move. Will provide more details when I get them.”

The movie, which will be a motion picture adaptation of Walter Isaacson’s iconic Steve Jobs biography, published after the late Apple co-founder’s death in 2011, has been through several hoops over the past few months.

It was initially reported that Christian Bale had been targeted to play Steve Jobs as the lead actor, although he later dropped the role in the biopic. Similarly, celebrity Leonardo DiCaprio was pegged to play Steve Jobs in the film, but also later dropped out. The lead role reportedly now belongs to Michael Fassbender, known best for his performances in the X-Men movies.

Sony and Universal did not provide comment.

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