DiCaprio and Boyle on the set of the 2000 film "The Beach"

DiCaprio and Boyle on the set of the 2000 film “The Beach”

With David Fincher recently rejected to direct the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic written by Aaron Sorkin, Sony may have found its replacement in Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle, according to The Hollywood Reporter. And with the lead role still not cast, Sony is reportedly considering tapping Leonardo DiCaprio to play Steve Jobs.

The film was first announced by Sony in mid-2012. Screenwriter Sorkin later revealed that the movie would focus on Jobs’ preparations in the thirty minutes leading up to three key Apple keynotes—a much different approach last year’s Jobs, which starred Ashton Kutcher. There have not been many updates on the project’s progress until recently, with the announcement that Fincher (and his choice for lead actor, Christian Bale) would not be part of the production going forward.

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13 Responses to “Sony eyes Danny Boyle as Steve Jobs biopic director, Leonardo DiCaprio to star”

  1. Billy Devine says:

    Leo could do this easily! Great actor


  2. Dafty Punk says:

    No denial that Leo is a talented actor, he’s very good… I just can’t see him playing Jobs…..


  3. It is possible that Sony is considering to add star Leonardo DiCaprio to play Steve Jobs role.


  4. 311sie says:

    If the point is to get someone that does not look like Jobs I’m sure Denzel would be a better pick.


  5. Honestly i don’t really know why DiCaprio didn’t yet get an Oscar, but that’s a topic for another day, plus after The wolf of wall street and The Great Gatsby, he really his the right actor to show the “great” ambition/hunger that jobs had. Christian Bale would make another Ashton Kutcher look alike flick, both have a very distinctive type of movie, and don’t quite fit the act of a “serious” CEO… although we never know after The Dark Knight series, thats my opinion


  6. OMG. DeCaprio has ruined so many movies where he plays a historical figure that looks absolutely nothing like the actual historical figure, I guess this one is just par for the course. I mean he was cast as Howard Hughes for cripes sake. A short dude with blonde hair, a giant pumpkin sized head and complete lack of class or style and he was cast as tall, thin, handsome, charismatic and erudite Howard Hughes.

    I’m pretty sure that the movie will be a giant flop anyway based on everything they’ve announced about it, but Leo will be the bad tasting icing on the oh so dubious cake.

    That man can’t act his way out of a paper bag. I can’t think of a single movie he’s been in that he was good, but worse than that, he actually brought down the entire movie a few times as well.


    • Leo is easily one of the best actors in the world. It simply says something about your knowledge of acting/film, that you believe he isn’t. Frankly the only thing I can think is that you were one of the people that had to sit through titanic with your wife or girlfriend while she watched Leo, and you were so obscenely jealous that you still hold the grudge. I’d love to know who you think the best actors are though, I would love to have a good laugh.


      • Just because you have a crush on him does not make hime one of the best actors in the world. Just sayin…


      • No I have a crush on Amber Heard, I definitely don’t think she’s a very good actress though. Your comment almost made sense though, almost!!


      • Movies Leo has ruined by his bad acting (confirmed by many reviews of said movies)

        – Titanic
        – Gangs of New York
        – The Aviator
        – The Beach

        There’s probably more, but those are the ones it’s easy to find reviews slagging his acting on. You have to look though as of course 99% of movie “reviews” are just glowing praise by industry shills. I’m talking about good, critical reviews by people who know movies.

        Gangs of New York is an especially good example because Leo is supposedly the lead actor in the movie (cause he’s “popular”), but Daniel Day Lewis (one of the best living actors IMO), outshines him in every way, making him look ridiculous in comparison. If you want to see real acting, watch Lewis’ movies. If you want to see some melon-headed pretty boy *ruin* a movie then check out almost anything by Di Caprio.

        There are many “D” or “C” grade actors that do a better job than Di Caprio. There are movies where Will Ferrel does a better, more subtle and believable acting job than Di Caprio. (Everything Must Go 2010)


      • Hahahah Mr. grey. I knew I was right!!! You didn’t even deny what I said. Love it!!! Leo is a phenomenal actor, you don’t know anything, it’s embarrassing, even more so that you are jealous of him because your wife/girlfriend love him so much more than you.

        P.S. He’s been nominated for 4 oscars by people who know movies. You don’t know anything about acting or film. Enjoy your day


  7. Leonardo DiCaprio has to be the worst idea ever to play Steve Jobs. Ever. Worst ever….