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Update: Apple has posted a version of the video with English subtitles on YouTube (embedded above).

Apple is certainly not thinking small when it comes to China, with 25 new retail stores promised within a two-year period, and its latest soon-to-open store in Hangzhou features a massive mural covering the entire front of the store. The store is due to open on Saturday, January 24th, the second of five new stores Angela Ahrendts said would be opening by the Chinese New Year on February 19th.

Featuring a poem written around 2000 years ago celebrating the importance of the city—a provincial capital—the stunning calligraphy was hand-painted by Wang Dongling, a famous modern calligrapher. Apple has released a video of its creation … 


The video was posted to Apple’s Chinese retail site, showing Wang Dongling making its painting look deceptively easy.


Tim Cook has said that China is a key market for Apple, and retail head Angela Ahrendts described an emphasis on China as one of the three elements of her vision for the company. We recently saw work in progress at another Chinese store in Chongqing, appearing to to be a smaller version of its iconic glass cylinder Apple Store in Shanghai.

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