SanDisk today announced a new thumb drive that is one of the first to include an integrated USB Type C connector, the next-generation USB plug that’s expected to arrive as one of the only connectors on an upcoming MacBook laptop.

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SanDisk is releasing the device in anticipation of not only the upcoming 12-inch MacBook we’ve detailed extensively, but also a slew of smartphones and tablets that will adopt the new USB standard. The slimmer, reversible USB Type C design for the first time offers a solution slim and powerful enough to work for both mobile devices and PCs. A full-sized USB plug is on its other side.

For now, an Android companion app is available, but you can expect Mac support will likely arrive shortly after the new MacBook.

SanDisk’s Dual USB Drive with Type C Connector will be available with 32GB of storage when it becomes available sometime in Q2.

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