Some new photos posted to Instagram from the set of the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic have given us our second look at star Michael Fassbender in the lead role as the Apple co-founder (via MacRumors). One of the photos, seen above from Instagram user “raqu3l” shows Fassbender as Jobs filming on a street outside the San Francisco Opera House.

The second photo (seen below, via Instagram user “seannung”), features a prop poster from the same location. On the poster, Fassbender poses with the NeXT Computer. That imagery, paired with a NeXT slogan, logo, and a quote from Steve Jobs, indicates that production crews are filming scenes surrounding the unveiling of the first NeXT product. That machine was revealed at the Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall across the street from the Opera  House.


As has been previously revealed, the Aaron Sorkin-penned film, which is being directed by Danny Boyle, will feature three real-time scenes that follow Jobs directly before three major keynote events. One of those, it seems, will be the debut of the NeXT Computer. Two months ago crews were spotted filming at the garage where Jobs and Steve Wozniak started Apple. The unveiling of the original Macintosh was filmed at the Flint Center in January.

The role of Wozniak will be played by Seth Rogen (who we saw in costume alongside Fassbender last month). Jeff Daniels will play the role of former Apple CEO John Sculley, Kate Winslet will play former Mac engineer Joanna Hoffman, and Michael Stuhlbarg will play Andy Hertzfeld.

The movie is expected in theaters on October 9th.

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