Tumult, developer of the user-friendly HTML5 web site and animation builder Hype, today announced two major updates to the powerful OS X application.

Hype 3 ($49.99) is a free upgrade for Hype 2 owners, refreshing the app with a new user interface — notably with a Yosemite-matching Light color theme — while making improvements to HTML accessibility, timing functions and timeline adjustments. Using Hype, even amateur designers can create interactive HTML5 web sites that work perfectly on desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone screens; no coding is required.

An improved engine for responsive layouts is one of the top features in Hype Professional, which is offered as a $49.99 in-app purchase. The new layout engine lets designers specify breakpoints (such as common screen sizes and orientations) at which the page’s design will change, automatically applying the designer’s pre-determined adjustments to images and text layout.

A physics engine includes collisions and natural movements with adjustable gravity, bounce, friction, density, and air drag. Hype Pro also adds a Dark Yosemite theme and rearrangeable interface, a grid layout system, templates, and a Symbols system to create reusable elements.

Hype 3 and Hype Professional are both available now from the Mac App Store, as well as Tumult’s web site.

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