With HP’s deal with to incorporate Beats audio technology and branding on products ending with Apple’s acquisition of the headphone maker last year, HP announced today it will look to Bang & Olufsen to lend its audio expertise to future mobile devices and headphones as it officially replaces Beats.

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Cnet reports:

The Bang & Olufsen brand will appear on HP’s Spectre, Omen, Envy and some other PCs. The B&O Play brand will appear on HP Pavilion PCs, tablets and PC audio accessories, such as headphones.

While it was reported last year that HP could continue selling products with Beats Audio technology and branding through 2015, development of new products using Beats ended last year. HP will look to complete the transition with the first products using Bang & Olufsen audio arriving this spring.

Meanwhile, Apple continues to push Beats Electronics headphones in its retail stores and alongside iOS devices, but hasn’t yet officially bundled the products or integrated Beats branding into its other product lines. We reported earlier this month, however, that Apple is currently planning to launch a new streaming music service at WWDC later this year based on the tech it acquired from Beats.

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