An Associated Press review of the new Photos app for the Mac suggests that OS X 10.10.3 will be available for general download later today. The first pre-release seed of the latest version of Yosemite was made available to developers and testers back in February, with the first public beta following at the beginning of March.

Apple’s new Photos app for Mac computers, available Wednesday as a free software update, makes it easy to organize and edit your pictures.

AP’s Anick Jesdanun was impressed with Photos, Apple’s replacement for iPhoto and Aperture, saying that the auto-fix features were particularly impressive … 


Jesdanun said that the Enhance button – which offers a one-step automatic fix for common issues with photos – was often all that was needed, with individual Auto buttons doing a similarly impressive job for lighting, color and other elements. For example, the auto button within Color fixed a yellow cast on an indoor shot, caused by incorrect white balance.

Levelling horizons is also now automatic: when you hit the Auto button within Cropping, Photos looks for a horizon and automatically rotates the photo to straighten it. No more sloping seas.

For those who want to gets hands-on, there are sliders for each attribute, together with easy access to advanced controls. More advanced photographers will also be pleased to see that RAW formats are supported when importing photos from other cameras, such as DSLRs and advanced compacts.

Photos stores full-resolution photos on iCloud, and a lower-resolution copy locally, freeing up space on your Mac. You will, though, need enough iCloud storage to cope with this. Check out our how-to guide on uploading your photos to iCloud in readiness.

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