You had to be quick to order an Apple Watch this morning. Some models went out of stock within minutes, and shipping dates were soon slipping into May, June and beyond. Within a few hours, almost all models were sold out.

So, with plenty of time to think about it before pre-orders opened, but very little time to actually make your purchase, which model did you buy – and was it the one you really wanted? 


As a smartwatch skeptic, I was a little torn. On the one hand, I’m expecting to simply try it for a week and then return it. On that basis, it didn’t matter which model I ordered as I’d be getting my money back later. I’d considered the stainless steel model with link bracelet, as that’s the one that has the greatest aesthetic appeal to me.

But there’s always that chance that I’ll decide to keep it – and I’m not willing to pay a thousand bucks (actually $1250 in the UK, with sales tax) for a first-generation product.

So personally I went the cheapskate route and opted for the basic Sport model, in silver, with a sport band. I can’t, though, live with any of the standard band colors, so I did plonk down a little extra for a second band in the Proper Color (aka black).

Let us know what you ordered, and whether you were able to get your first choice.

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