Apple has long taken a 30% cut of sales made through its various digital stores, including fees charged for subscriptions to Newsstand magazines and other recurring charges. However, Re/code reports today that the company has cut that figure in half for subscriptions charged through the Apple TV.

In a move that’s likely intended to bring in content, Apple allows companies like Hulu and HBO to keep a larger portion of their subscription fees on the TV-based hub device, though charges made through iOS apps and other platforms still seem to fall under the 30% deal.

When exactly this revenue share change was made is unclear, but it doesn’t seem to be a new developement, given that services which have been on the Apple TV for some time now fall under these terms. The point is nearly moot though, when you consider how many offerings on the Apple TV are completely free of charge, or don’t offer in-app subscription options.

Based on the success of Apple’s exclusive HBO Now partnership, however, it’s possible that future channel additions could impement a similar system that allows users to purchase subscriptions through their Apple IDs. This deal could also help Apple secure more content providers for its upcoming digital television service.

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