Update: Apple has uploaded its new “Change Everything” ad to YouTube, as well. It’s embedded below.

Apple has debuted its newest iPad marketing campaign, “Change Everything,” with a 1:30 commercial and a new website highlighting the apps that change the way people go about their daily lives. The ad starts off with a list of things that have changed since the release of the first iPad, such as small businesses and education.

From there the commercial demonstrates a variety of applications and accessories that have augmented the way people connect, learn, and conduct business, and enjoy their lives…

Individual pages provide a closer look at the software and hardware featured in the ad, with each focusing on a specific area, such as cooking, education, and even redecorating. Each page highlights a collection of apps that can help users accomplish tasks in those areas, like Green Kitchen and Yummly for cooking, or the Square credit card reader and QuickBooks for small businesses.

The education page presents options for students ranging from kids to college students, while the redecorating page shows off apps that help you reimagine your home, like Vango Art and ColorSnap Studio. Useful hardware like the Ecobee3 smart thermostat (not the Nest, for obvious reasons) and how-to apps ike Instructables and wikiHow are also highlighted.

You can view the full collection and the new ad on Apple’s website or via YouTube below:

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