Obama iPhone Twitter

Last week potential Republican Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush made headlines when he was spotted wearing an Apple Watch on the still-exploring-but-definitely-running campaign trail, using the press opportunity as a chance to dish out the zinger that its health apps were better than Obamacare.

The White House has given its own endorsement of Apple today, however, as President Obama launched his own personal Twitter account (not to be confused with the OFA-ran @BarackObama account) with a tweet that originated from an iPhone.

President Obama has frequently gone on record saying he’s not able to use an iPhone for security reasons, instead relying on a government-approved BlackBerry. The White House explains that nothing has changed in that regard yet, unfortunately, telling BuzzFeed that the iPhone used for the tweet belongs to someone among the President’s staff.

Don’t lose the hope, Mr. President, the iPhone 7 will be a great upgrade from that BlackBerry in 2017 when you leave office.

Obama iPhone Tweet

As for the Apple Watch, it too has received a bit of a presidential endorsement:

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